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NYC RECOVERS: Promoting Collective Recovery through Organizational Mobilization

This paper describes the work of NYC RECOVERS, a disaster relief effort to mobilize organizations to respond to population distress in New York City after 9/11.

AUTHORS: Mindy Thompson Fullilove; Lourdes Hernandez-Cordero; Jennifer Stevens Madoff; Robert E. Fullilove III.

PUBLISHED: Cambridge University Press, 2004.


NYC RECOVERS, an alliance of organizations concerned with New York City’s social and emotional recovery post-9/11, was formed to meet the need to rebuild social bonds strained or ruptured by the trauma to the regional system caused by the destruction of the Twin Towers. NYC RECOVERS, with minimal funding, was able to create a network of 1000 organizations spanning the five boroughs, carrying out recovery events throughout the ‘Year of Recovery’, September 2001 to December 2002. This paper describes the concepts, techniques and accomplishments of NYC RECOVERS, and discusses potentials of the model, as well as obstacles to its implementation.

Promoting Collective Recovery
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